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Diventa un commercialista nostro partner, e vieni inserito nella nostra cartella di commercilisti. E' possibile fornire supporto agli utenti e incontrare nuovi clienti. Lvostra iscrizione nella cartella dei commercialisti e la vostra pagina personale sono completamente gratuite.

I commercialist sono la nostra migliore risorsa. Ci impegnamo per motivarvi.

Abbiamo creato un prodotto semplice ed intuitivo per aiutarvi ad aumentare i guadagni e la produttività.
Expert Accounts e' stato progettato da persone con un background economico in stretta collaborazione con persone qualificate CPA seguendo le specifiche FASB e GAAP .
  • Work anywhere you have Internet, using any computer and any operating system.
  • Collaborate with your clients using Expert Accounts - work online, so you don't have to enter bulk data manually into accounting. Your clients won't need any accounting knowledge at all, but will have real time accurate reports.
  • Customize and control your client's data posting process. Create and modify forms for data entry, according to the work-flow of different businesses you cater for.
  • View the debit account and the corresponding credit account side by side, with the transaction amount - on one row, to offer you a complete insight. Your debit and credit will always tally.
  • Design audit reports using formulas to calculate financial indicators such as Net worth, COGS, EBIT, EBITDA, EPS,ROI,ROS,ROA etc.
  • Integrated Internal Audit infrastructure for collaborative work between operators, accountants and auditors, issue-tracking with notification via e-mail. Using this system, the accounting officer may request information or clarification from the controller, related to the accounting data, such as requesting a document scan or notifying an operating error.

Working Options for Accountants

Do accounting for multiple clients in less time and  for pennies per day.
  • Sign-up for one account only. Under your account you can add and remove multiple client companies. Each of these companies will have their own chart of accounts and ledgers, but share the same configurations and same posting template forms. Improve your productivity.
  • The accounting process becomes easier and allows you to service more customers in less time. Your can gain time and offer a better service for more companies.
  • Never again worry about computer viruses, data loss or hardware failure. Cloud computing eliminates all these risks. If your computer is compromised, just repair or replace it. Your data is safe in the cloud.

   Cloud accounting
Work in your premises, online with your clients who are using Expert Accounts ERP.
  • Control and streamline your clients data entry process. Invite your clients to switch from their accounting software to Expert Accounts.
  • No more bulk data entry, just supervise and verify the accuracy of the data entry process and do the accounts closures. Service more customers in less time with less resources.
  • Keep your operating cost low and provide services to more clients, using your existing clerks. Boost your productivity by outsourcing bulk data entry to your clients.
  • Accounting process becomes easier for you because your client is posting all documents, without being required to have accounting knowledge or know any accounts.
  • Provide and charge the fees for the system training and support services to your clients.

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