Do you have a retail chain ?
Connect your shops online with expertAccounts for RM1 / day / cashier!

The POS System

  • Provides a modern "corporate" style of retail  with promotions and price rules.
  • Touchscreen support, with bar code scanner and cash receipt printing.
  • It works online and offline - ideal for multiple shops ( retail chain)
  • Natively integrated with the loyalty card system.

for Retail
  • Customer display, cash drawer control
  • Monetary control and exchange cashier
  • Promotion catalogs by date range and shop type, Promotions type N + 1 free

For bar / restaurant
  • Bills, waiters and tables
  • PLU buttons for touchscreen use
  • Automatic generation of ingredients consumption at the end of the shift, according to recipes

The  POS work in several ways: Online, with stock update in real time or at the end of shift. Offline (no internet traffic) with syncronisation by request or automatic at the end of shift.

Loyalty cards

  • Customer Information Management System and loyalty cards.
  • Management bonus points, discount points, integrated with the POS system.
  • Variable number of recorded information (configurable custom fields)
  • You can use anonymous cards for customers who do not want to give their personal information, or if you do not want to process personal data.
  • Customer database can be used for sending special offers and newsletters, with the "CRM - Marketing" module.

The loyalty process
You can use a custom card for your business (with logo and presentation company) or you can use the cards in your wallet already has client. There are many customers who may have 10 different loyalty cards in their pocet and may be reluctant to take a new one from your company. The loyalty sistem cards allows you to use your own branded cards or other cards that our customer may have in his pocket, by reading the bar code. In practice, it scans the code on any card customer has in his wallet and the system will link to that new code the customer info.
When your customer returns in your shop he can accumulate points or get a discount based on that card, which you scan at the POS System.
After scanning loyalty card at POS, customer loyalty accumulates points and you may choose to give discounts based on the amount of points , redeem the accumulated points. Customized loyalty rules can be implemented.
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