What is CRM?

Posted on 2015-04-10 by Raluca G.

If you are looking for a CRM, and you want to find out more about what is CRM, how it can help you, but also to which type of company it is suitable for, then read this article further.

Firstly, CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, which is the process of organizing and using the available information about a company’s customers, both potential and existing, in order to increase sales. On the one hand, “CRM” is a tool: the software for your customers’ management, so that the increase sales goal to be achieved. On the other hand, “CRM” means marketing strategy: Customer-Oriented Strategy.

What is CRM, as a strategy?

As the competition gets higher day by day, attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones is a true challenge for companies nowadays, regardless their field of industry or size. The aim of the Customer-Oriented Strategy is not only to attract new customers, but also to retain the existing ones.

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    CRM Strategy reffers to actions taken by Marketing, Sales and Customer Support departments, such as:
  • market research - to identify potential customers
  • collection of customer information (contact information , discussions , meetings)
  • coordination of promotion - to attract new customers and/or retain the existing ones
  • analysis of the effectiveness of promotion - with reports generated by CRM ExpertAccounts with won and lost sales.

What is CRM, as a tool?

Within a CRM application, all the information about a company’s customers is organized and used in order to increase sales. The CRM system allows efficient management of potential and existing customers (Lead Management), business partners and marketing campaigns (E-Mail Marketing).

Great promotional strategies need a strong tool, so that the goal can be achieved. The Customer-Oriented Strategy refers to the relationship between a company and its customers, including the promotion of company’s products or services. The promotion can be easily done with the CRM ExpertAccounts: segment your customers, create the message (e.g. newsletter), send it and then measure the results of your marketing campaigns, using the autmatically generated charts with leads, won and lost sales. This is the best way to make an accurate analysis of your company’s marketing campaigns, identifying the trends in your customers’ behaviour, the basis for your future promotional strategies.

ExpertAccounts CRM allows managers and sales people acces to customer information both at headquarters and in the field , on different devices : PC , tablet, smartphone.

Find out what CRM is in practice: benefit from an efficient management of sales and marketing, and transform customer relationships into long-term partnerships, profitable for both you and your customers!

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