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Posted on 2015-04-18 by Raluca G.

Stop wasting time with contracts and documents ! Choose the solution for contract management, which will not only save you a lot of time , but will also eliminate human errors. For a truly professional work, you have “Contract Templates” from ExpertAccounts ERP.


What at first seems easy, can later become a tedious work. When it comes to a contract, the person which draws it up has to take information from many places : from order, partner details, and so on. Only a moment of inattention is enough for inconsistencies between information , resulting an erroneous contract. So, the contract moves between customer and vendor, while precious time is being lost , which may even lead to giving up the order.

That’s why ExpertAccounts ERP developed “Contract Templates”, which solves all these problems and provides a number of features that significantly ease the work : you can quickly generate contracts and other legal documents (with registration number).

“Classic” contract management VS. Contract management with ExpertAccounts

Firstly, you can use the templates of commercial contracts, with fields that will automatically fill (e.g. customer data, ordered products, order’s value , annexes). You can create templates for service contracts, projects, goods delivery etc., that you can use in every order. Creating templates is very simple with the complete text editor in HTML format, with images, tables, with parameters for customer info and dynamically generated tables with items articles. Therefore, there’s no need to pay expensive licenses for text editors, as you can do all the required operations in a single program.

Contracts will be automatically generated with a single click, taking customer/supplier data (name , e-mail , phone, etc.) and information of the selected order, leaving the possibility to make further changes. The contract can be sent by e -mail for acceptance / negotiation by pressing a single button. After signing the contract , scan the contract and attach it as file to the order, along with other files (technical project etc), so that you will not accidentally change the text of the signed contract in the future.

“Contract Templates” allows you to attach files to an order : the contract can be edited and can contain any number of additional files , with technical details that relate to the order.


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