Already have a webshop ?

Integrate your eCommerce with ExpertAccounts ERP for integrated inventory and accounting!

Do you want permanent accurate inventory levels and prices displayed in your webshop ?
Do you want to invoice and deliver orders within the shortest possible time ?

If the answer is YES, we offer you one system to take care of everything.

Do you have an online store where you sell goods from supplier's stock?

We know it's a big hassle. Therefore, we developed a webshop management software that integrates all the necessary processes, including accounting, to ease your work:
  • customer invoice is automatically issued from your site
  • supplier invoice is automatically recorded, just by checking the delivered orders and entering the purchase price, in ExpertAccounts
  • keep record of markup, as well as other sales analysis
  • all accounting records are automatically generated

ERP Software with eCommerce Integration

erp software eCommerce integration
Integration between a webshop and ExpertAccounts ERP is achieved trough API (a communication process between two applications, and other external application - webshop, card payment processor, courier).
Integration enables data to be automatically transmitted in both directions:
- from webshop to ERP: new orders and new customers
- from ERP to the webshop: products, stocks and prices, invoices

How it works ? Cloud ERP acts as a back office that offers:
  • Billing/Invoicing, collection, customer management details
  • Inventory stock management
  • Webshop orders, sales orders and purchase orders
  • Multiple price levels for customers with negotiated prices
  • Accounting, Fixed Assets and Financial analysis

To find out more, create your free account and we will contact you to provide you the API documentation.

ERP Software ExpertAccounts - Benefits:

Increase customer satisfaction:
  • your customers will always find on your site real, updated information
  • with an automated system, you deliver orders in the shortest time
Minimal effort in data management:
  • easily manage and track inventory, sold items, prices and customers
Inventory synchronization:
  • track updates, and provide accurate inventory levels to your customers, without hiring staff to manage these tasks
Save time:
  • all orders placed on the site will be automatically transferred to the ERP system in real time
  • whether you have one or 1,000 orders per day, the process is as efficient and fast, each time without any error
Reduce inventory stocks:
  • maintain a lower stock level, having a supply system based on optimal stock
Automatically updated prices:
  • prices will be updated on the site directly from the ERP software - no more wrong prices displayed on the site
Significantly reduce manual labor:
  • eliminate errors that can occur when orders, inventory items, customers, delivery dates are manually entered
  • you don’t have to hire staff to provide accurate inventory levels and prices to your customers
  • all accounting entries are automatically generated, eliminating human errors
Real-time reports:
  • real-time online and offline sales reports
Webshop integrated with your retail outlet, on the same platform:
  • add multiple online webstores and offline sales channels, without losing operational efficiency

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