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What's included

Once you sign-up, the Base Package features will be available in your application

Base Package

  • Stock Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • POS - online / offline
  • SFA - Sale Force Automation
  • Production
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Accounting
  • Financial analyze, Cashflow
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll 10 employees (in certain countries only)

You can also purchase additional modules anytime, when you need.

Additional Modules *

  • Orders
  • Supplier consignment
  • DeliveryNote , reservation and proforma invoice
  • Item master with price levels
  • Branches and Retail logistics
  • Price rules
  • MI - Mobile Inventory
  • Webshop e-commerce
  • CRM - loyalty cards
  • CRM - marketing
  • CRM - billing
  • CRM - People
  • Assembly
  • Multi-stage manufacturing on orders
  • Mobile App for production tracking
  • WMS - Warehousing
  • Project-based Orders
  • Contract templates
  • Repair Shop
  • Transport and Forwarding
  • BI - Business Intelligence
  • RPA - Robotic Process Automation
  • BankRobot
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Online Booking
  • KPI Analyze
  • Automail Reports
  • Multi-company Consolided Accounts
  • Agriculture
  • B2B Info
  • Procurement
  • Fixed assets
  • HRM
  • e-Mail server
  • White label
  • API: Payments CSV
  • API: Orders CSV
  • API: Invoices CSV/XLS
  • API: Ledger CSV
  • API: Items CSV
  • API: Dropshipping
  • API: Invoice Order button
  • API: Online payments
  • API: Items import feed
  • API: AWB - DPD
  • API: AWB - GLS
  • API: AWB - InnoShip
  • API: wooCommerce
  • API: Magento
  • API: Shopify
  • API: eMag
  • API: External sales
  • API: GET-Data
  • API: GET export data
  • API: GET order status
  • API: GET open_invoices
  • API: GET items stock feed
  • API: New invoice
  • API: New inventory entry
  • API: New journal entry
  • API: New payments
  • API: New Order
  • API: New CRMinfo
  • API: Send back-to-back Order
  • API: Send Order Copy
  • API: Items PUSH feed
  • API: import_items
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If you need a tailor made customized solution for your business, we can create a dedicated application just for you.

Private ERP/CRM/MRP *

  • on your server in our data center
  • on your server in your premises

*) Contact us for a quotation.

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