Online sales are on the rise.

Studies show that a webshop brings in sales similar to an outlet in a shopping mall, with less costs.

The online store on the Cloud ERP platform does not need hosting, maintenance and update, it is a module in and shows stock and price information in real time, taken from inventory.

How it works? Cloud ERP acts as a back office that offers:
  • Billing/Invoicing, collection, customer management details
  • Inventory stock management
  • Webshop orders, sales orders and purchase orders
  • Multiple price levels for customers with negotiated prices
  • Accounting, Fixed Assets and Financial analysis

General Features
  • Multi-language
  • Set-up on your own domain name
  • Customize with logo and colors
  • Multiple skins (design themes) that can be changed and customized
  • Banner Slide-show system
  • Set price levels for customers with negotiated prices
  • Multiple methods of delivery and payment (Cheque, Cash on delivery, Bank Card)
  • Customer can view orders history
  • Contact on Yahoo messenger when the shop administrator is online
  • Online contact form
  • Social media and newsletter plugin
  • Configuring SEO / Google Analytics / Reports of analysis and real-time performance
  • Presentation pages with menus and submenus
  • Configuration and update system for static content (presentation pages, side banners, plugins, etc.)
  • File upload / download section

Products Features
  • Unlimited number of categories and products
  • Configurable products category menu: per category / subcategory / group or category / subcategory
  • Real time stockinformation - your own stock and supplier stock
  • Display stock information in different ways
  • Minimum order quantity per product
  • Special offers (promotions, new products, recommended items, etc.)
  • Similar and complementary products
  • Multiple dynamic filters
  • Multiple photos per product
  • Product description in HTML (text and images)
  • Complete specs, in a table style presentation
  • Attached files to the product (pdf, etc)
  • Product search by keyword
  • Sort products by price, name, popularity and other properties
  • Recommend product (Facebook, Twitter ...)
  • Customer reviews for products
  • Configuration parameters for calculating shipping cost

Premium Features
  • Integration with online card payment processors
  • B2B integration with your suppliers to sell from supplier stock
  • B2B Integration with your clients to enable them to sell online your products without having them in stock
  • Unlimited server space
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