Business automation

  • Save money - no investment in software and servers, just a small monthly expenditure.
  • Mobility - access your data from anywhere, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Data Security in the Cloud

  • Data storage in multiple enterprise-grade data centers with 99.9% up-time guarantee.
  • SSL encryption for security. Similar to internet banking systems.


  • Web-based - works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets.
  • Friendly interface - with desktop-like look and feel.

"All-in-One" Solution


More customers - e-mail marketing & Quotes from CRM
More orders - with Salesmen SFA and Online Shop
Logistics: POS for retail and F&B,  WMS for distribution
ERP: Inventory, Manufacturing, Services, Invoicing,

Customers, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll

Unlike other platforms, ExpertAccounts is a complete solution, where everything is integrated: CRM, POS + Customer Loyalty, SFA, e-Shop, WMS, MRP, ERP, BI. You no longer need different business applications that don't communicate to each other.

Choose below the solution for your business
- whether it is a start-up or needs a more efficient system: ExpertAccounts is available both in cloud, as well as on private server, at your premises or in data-center.

More than 20 years of experience...

ExpertAccounts is a stable platform, launched in 2010, as the sixth generation of ERP, the result of more than 20 years of market presence of Expert Software. Nowadays, the platform is used by thousands of customers from many countries, mostly from Romania, Malaysia, Italy and Singapore.

Why expertAccounts ?

Firstly, because ExpertAccounts is not only an ERP system where you register documents of your company. It is much more than this. It is your "virtual assistant" that helps you to grow and control your business with minimum costs, find new customers and control and coordinate your employees.

In such a competitive business environment, quick access to information, fast decision-making and high speed data processing are truly vital. Knowing this, we started creating ExpertAccounts:
  • It is web-based: works both on private server, and in cloud, on any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) you have cash flow, net worth and management reports in real time, available anytime, anywhere.
  • Have a single database - contains all the information from all departments centralized information are available in real time to all departments and branches, regardless their location.
  • All data entries are available to all departments: users enter data (invoices, purchase invoices etc.), salesmen take orders with SFA, while managers access the disered reports, everything in real time.
  • No need to install - it is compatible with any operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and works on PC, tablets and smartphones.

Some of our customers...