The MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) or ERP Manufacturing ExpertAcccounts, implements the ISO standards of tracking and traceability of production, with order planning and manufacturing phases, with semi-finished parts. The production can be tracked on the shopfloor using touchscreen devices or tablets.

The solution is dedicated to companies in the food, chemical, electronics and appliances, building materials industries and contains all the necessary amenities for managing and planning the entire production process, for repetitive manufacturing and discrete manufacturing (order-based production - make-to-order).

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ERP Manufacturing (MRP)

Increase the efficiency of the production process

optimize time of the production process
cut production costs on orders
automatize purchases
plan the production process
track employee performance
real-time production cost calculation
parallel manufacturing processes, with semi-finished parts
record on your tablet materials allocation and execution on the shopfloor

Features and advantages ERP Manufacturing

Execution planning

  • Assembly files with BOM and BOL for production on orders and phases, with semi-finished parts. Assembly trees, with normal consumption, labors and standardized times
  • Customization of the product on customer order, with the posibility of choosing alternative materials
  • Technical description of the products on production phases and components, with technical drawings
  • Automation of the production planning in time by execution phases, on sites and machines based on assembly trees
  • The system automatically generates internal production orders for semi-finished parts that will be needed and that are not in free stock
  • Automatic calculation of the weekly material purchase and consumption plan, based on production plans, and free stock
  • Automatic recalculation after the planning’s changes
  • Management of free and engaged stock of raw materials, materials and semi-finished parts/li>
  • The system generates purchase orders according to finished product’s delivery orders

Production launching

  • Calculation of the Consumption limit sheet and of the Execution Plan, based on planning of the production phases
  • Production launching and materials allocation on production phases, with semi-finished parts
  • Controlling material consumption based on planning, raw materials allocation and materials at job-sheet level, return, waste and so on
  • Print barcode label "vouchers" at production start, and data collection by scanning barcodes on daily worksheet of each worker
  • Overseeing of materials launched in consumption and not incorporated in products

Production tracking

  • Record of materials allocation, consumption and production on execution sheets on touchscreen devices or tablets
  • Tracking all material transfers from an order to another, in order to determine the exact consumption, the exact economy and waste of materials, on each working sheet
  • Real time calculation of material cost, labor cost and machinery cost - according to material costs, machinery, or production line and normal labor
  • Automatic generation of completion note and consumption note with planned quantities
  • Data collection from the production, based on barcodes, worker level, execution phase, labor and order
  • Automatic actualisation of the Consumption limit sheet and of the Execution Plan, based on data from production
  • Complete traceability of the production on raw material batches, semi-finished parts and labor
  • Tracking the stage of the execution, on phases and the delivery, according to orders and finished products

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